Services & Specialties

I have 24 years of experience in Pourohityam (Priest) and Jyothisya Shastra. I have 15 years of experience in Vaastu Shastra. I worked as Pujari in Shivalayam, Ramalayam for 6 years. Performed more than 5000 marriages with outstanding success of 100%. Reviewed more than 3000 cases for Vaastu holding a success range of 99%.
Given remedies to innumerable people (above 2000) for problems regarding their marriage, health, wealth, and children accordingly as per their Janma Kundali. Kala Sarpa Dosha Parihara Shanthi

My Services

I am serving clients in San Francisco/Bay Area, California. I can provide in person consultation for all your vastu needs in USA. Note that all vastu consultations should be in-person since I have to examine the site, do soil testing, accurate direction estimates etc.,. On line consultations will not work as advertised in other websites.

Need a Professional Vastu Consultantation? 
Reach me at +1 408-431-9265 (cell), +1 408 744 6282 (home) or
  011 91 9866154252 (india cell) or 011 91 870 244 3838 (india land number)
My address for contact : 
Pandit Venkata Sathyanarayana Vennampally
Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, 420-450 Persian Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94089 USA.

If you are facing inexplicable problems, which are normally not expected, then you should suspect Vaastu.

  • If you are not having the peace and prosperity in the house
  • If in your shop your sales is not increasing
  • If in your industry machines are not running properly or always some unavoidable circumstances comes to obstruct your work
  • If you have any problem in
    • Marriage life
    • Business
    • Career
    • Studies
    • Family harmony
    • Pregnancy
    • Growth of children or health
Vastu Services
    • Vastu advice for the selection of the plot
    • Vastu advice for the construction detail
    • Vastu advice for the renovation of the building
    • Residential Vastu
    • Commercial Vastu
    • Industrial vastu
    • Spiritual Vastu
    • Interior designing by Vastu Shastra
    • Vastu Dosh and remedies
    • Vastu for multistorey buildings
    • Online Vastu
    • Vastu services through plan of the area
    • Vastu services through supervision
    • Vastu advice for landscaping